let us go, then.

So, mostly the discussions, descriptions and divulgences herein will involve adventures with and experiments in various aspects of baking (desserts, for the most part; I’ve yet to venture into the world of bread, although I’ll probably give it a shot at some point).  I decided to keep a ‘blog about it so that I’d have both an incentive to bake on a regular basis and a way to keep all my recipes and thoughts and self-criticisms and crap in a somewhat orderly manner.

Go easy on me, dudes.  It’s my first ‘blog.

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  1. kenan says:

    best ‘blog ever!

  2. emiliejolie says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. girlcate says:

    hooray! thanks for reading!

  4. Joeface says:

    I really wish I had another cherry tree!

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